2021 – present writer for the charitable organization RECASAS website (formerly known as ‘warmherzige Beschützer TG gGmbH’)

2022 LautBriefRundSprecher – Heft 7 – page 10 – THE MOTH London

2022 LautBriefRundSprecher – Heft 6 – page 8 – Selbsthilfe von Morgen: Neue Schutzräume braucht das Land! Bericht über den Vortrag von Ingrid e johnson auf der Jahrestagung des BPE e.V. 2021 in Berlin, Moderation Sandy Drögehorn

2019    Berlin Manifesto for a Humane Psychiatry (on the translation team)

2017     Psychotherapy and Psychotherapist Search Translations for bipolaris e.V.

2014     Why I love living in Yorkville – Part 2 Halstead Property Blog

2014     Welcome to Yorkville – Part 1 Halstead Property Blog

2013      15 things To Do During German-American Friendship Month in NYC Halstead Property Blog

2013      An International’s Guide to Buying in NYC New York International


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